A book sale with heart!

If you haven’t noticed, my books have a lot of heart. No, I mean literally. My series is called Hearts and Health. It’s a series of love stories, of course, about medical professionals in a small fictional town in Kansas.
Heart Trouble
, the first book in the series, is on sale for 99 cents leading up to my new release — Urgent Care — coming May 4. You can grab it now on Amazon.

In Heart Trouble, you’ll find the story of ER nurse Ben Griggs. He briefly appears in my book Hard Press, part of the Ashe Sentinel Series, as a fuck buddy who gets cut loose despite wanting more from the relationship. He was meant to be a secondary character only, but I gave him a bit too much life and my readers wanted more of Ben. They wanted Ben to find his HEA.

My brain agreed and began spewing out story snippets and dialogues like a film preview reel. So, what could I do? I wrote Heart Trouble, where Ben meets an ER patient, Gage Evans, who’s just been injured in a motorcycle accident. Gage is smitten immediately and clumsily hits on Ben and then asks him for a date. Ben is wary: His ex was a biker, and Ben doesn’t consider himself interesting enough to hold the attention of a thrill seeker. He turns him down flat. Thankfully, Gage is a persistent guy and he wears down Ben’s walls to the point they can build something together.

Heart Trouble leads into Bedside Manner, featuring two secondary chatacters: Dr. Paul Johnston and college student Zane Kavanaugh. You get a bit of a redemption story for Dr. Johnston, who doesn’t come off too great in Heart Trouble, and you get an opportunity to watch Zane recover and find his feet after an estrangement from his family and a gay-bashing attack at the hands of his step-father.

Next up is Urgent Care, coming May 4. Xavier James appears in Bedside Manner as Zane’s roommate. He’s a colorful character who flies in the face of a lot of stereotypes: He’s biracial, reading at first glance as a black man, he’s strong from all the physical labor he does, and he likes to dress in feminine clothing when he feels he can be safe and comfortable — usually at gay clubs or in the privacy of his home. He enjoys bottoming, but he’s not submissive. When his ex-boyfriend from high school returns after 12 years, sparks will fly — and not all of them sexual. Xavier is spitting mad, and Dr. Trent Cavendish will have to prove he’s a changed man and win Xavier’s love all over again.

Hearts and Health series by m/m romance author DJ Jamison

I hope you enjoy my evolving world of Ashe, Kansas, and the doctors, nurses and students who come to life in its pages.

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