1 plus 1 equals HEA

One day, a few months back, I had a genius idea — and by genius, I mean terrible.

I decided to write about a geeky math guy with borderline autism who’s a huge baseball fan for a states of love submission to Dreamspinner. He’ll understand numbers more than people, and it’ll be a cute romance story where he meets a spontaneous, impulsive artist who drives him crazy and yet attracts him. Great, right?

Only … now I have to write about a geeky guy’s mathy thoughts (while knowing nothing about math) and the mathetmatical research he’s doing about the probability of baseball players’ clutch performance (while I only superficially understand baseball). Basically, this is the opposite of writing what you know. I’m most definitely not a math person and my baseball interest is fairly limited to the Kansas City Royals’ performance in high-stakes games. Which, fortunately, is part of this story, so at least I’ve got that (and a baseball enthusiast for a husband who also understands math and stats better than me.)

So, now I’m doing research and relying on my husband to tell me when I’m going off the rails. Each time we speak, I get a good grasp on the way to present this baseball math business. Then I promptly forget three days later and the cycle repeats itself. So, that’s fun. (I can just see the husband rolling his eyes.)

Now, this is the part where being a reader can be more fun than being a writer. I love reading about geeky math guys and their mathy thoughts. It’s all Greek to me. They can be thinking about quadratic equations or isometric triangles (is that a thing?) and I can read along, happy as a clam. I don’t need to understand it to appreciate that there’s an intelligent yet antisocial guy falling in love with a fun-loving artist. That’s good stuff!

Unfortunately, as a writer I can’t just make up math. There are probably some mathetmatical romantics out there who would call me on it, right? But it’d be a lot easier if I could just ficitonalize math. Would it really be so awful if 2 plus 2 equaled 5 if you got an HEA? Or if Pi was not a transcendental number but stopped four digits in? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

And that’s the rather pointless story of how I had a great but terrible idea and am now on a deadline to write something far outside of my comfort zone. If this one gets done and Dreamspinner chooses to publish it, all I ask is that you don’t analyze the math too closely. I promise at least one correct equation: 1 plus 1 will equal an HEA.

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  1. ButtonsMom2003

    July 24, 2017 at 3:57 am

    Dreamspinner!? How wonderful for you if the publish your book. I can’t wait to read it. <3

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