Full Disclosure: A different kind of book from me

Full Disclosure, released this week, is a different kind of novel for me. It’s contemporary romance, but there’s a lot more of that sticky thing called plot. Now, plot doesn’t usually agree with me. It insists on accurate timelines, a logical sequence of events, a reasonable resolution and so forth. As a romance writer, my strength is in the characters and their relationship. But every writer wants to try new things, reach a little for something different, so when Camden and Reid came knocking, I went through that door to a story that included light elements of mystery/suspense. (This is in no way an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Maybe next time?)

Full Disclosyure by Dj Jamison, mm romance

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Funny, snarky and light-hearted

So far, the reviews have been quite favorable, and I feel very lucky about that. They say my characters are sassy and snarky, but not over the top. That they laughed out loud while reading. That there was the right blend of romance, suspense and sexy and sweet moments. Not every review is great, of course. Some readers who want heavy romance to dominate the story line might not be as satisfied. Those who enjoy exciting suspense/mystery, might think it’s too romantic. It’s a blend, therefore it’s not all one or all the other. My hope is that in any form, it’s entertaining.

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I do plan to write a sequel, hopefully this spring. I have a title: Buyer’s Remorse. It will tell Lee and Miguel’s story. So, if you enjoy Full Disclosure, please watch for that. I also have a novella in review with a publisher, which is the sweeter brand of romance with only a little plot to get in the way of love.  Other projects include a holiday enemies to lovers story, and three Hearts and Health follow-ups. My years is looking to be pretty busy! I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride and enjoy my stories.

About Full Disclosure

A new real estate agent gets more than he bargained with his first client ….

I’m desperate to make a fresh start as a real estate agent after leaving my alcoholic boyfriend of way too long. Getting a call to list a house while parading as a hot dog for a few bucks seems like my lucky break. Then things go sideways. My apartment is broken into and burglarized. Getting caught half-naked while squatting in my own listing is a low point. Seeing the sexy-voiced stranger who is now my client — and his gorgeous, cold boyfriend? — major bummer. But hey! I might sell a house … if we can ever get it in decent shape for the market and all the odd questions surfacing about my client don’t get in the way.

I’m a washed up US marshal turned bodyguard, and even that’s lost its appeal. A leave of absence to deal with a house I inherited from my great-uncle seems like a good opportunity to get my head straight. But then my boss pulls me aside and asks me to take on a witness in danger. We’d be off the grid, so to speak. The guy is a criminal, but he’s young and gay, so we set up a cover as a couple. Might seem risky in Kansas, but all the gossip about those gay guys will make a great smokescreen to our true secret: Lee is a target of the Dragon Boyz gang, and I have to keep him safe until trial. Of course, I wasn’t counting on the gorgeous blond, blue-eyed real estate agent who makes me want something more in my life. When he starts asking questions, do I set him straight or risk losing him for good? And then there’s still those gang members to think about.

Story includes inappropriate attire, gunfights, flirting while in a fake relationship and male/male naughtiness.


  1. ButtonsMom2003

    September 16, 2017 at 4:07 am

    I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

  2. Marshall Lewison

    February 10, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Thanks. Let’s begin to read more. With love.

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