Putting the awkward in romance

I made a joke today that my tagline should be DJ Jamison … Putting the awkward in romance. Today is release day for Love by Number, a cute romance that pairs a borderline autistic man with a whole bag of quirks with a fun-loving artist. One is spontaneous, one is rigid — and yet, they click when they are thrown together in a road trip.

Writing socially awkward characters is nothing new for me. You know that if you’ve read Chance for Christmas, which has my other most socially awkward character: Joe, a successful lawyer who doesn’t know how to behave outside of work. A little bit of Joe’s personality is inspired by my own. I can talk confidently and be at ease when speaking of my work, but put me at a social mixer and I turn into a mute wallflower.

Aidan’s character is inspired by my experience raising an autistic son. Of course, my son is 11 and Aidan is 27, so there are some differences. I’ve written an autistic character once before, a secondary character in Hard Press, but this is my first time tackling an mc with autistic traits. I like to think I’ve done him justice, and even with his passion for numbers, blunt honesty and other quirks, I think you’ll find Aidan to be a lovable character.

At the end of the day, that is mostly what I try to do: write flawed but lovable characters who build a happily ever after based on common ground. I hope you enjoy Aidan and Jesse’s story.

About the book:

Aidan doesn’t have the best record with relationships, but he’s had a lifelong love affair with baseball. Player stats and computer simulations make sense. People don’t. But when he needs a ride to the World Series, he must rely on another person: a sexy artist who is as spontaneous as Aidan is predictable.

Jesse doesn’t care about baseball. As an artist, he’d rather paint a player than watch him at bat. But his grandpa loves the Kansas City Royals, so he takes him to every home game. He has no idea a fender bender in the parking lot is about to deliver new inspiration in the shape of a man with a whole bag of quirks.

Despite their differences, Jesse and Aidan hit it off, and their sexual chemistry is fantastic. But when Aidan’s numbers betray him, Jesse isn’t prepared for the fall-out. If Aidan continues to put his passion for baseball stats above everything else, he could miss out on the most important numbers in life: the sum total of smiles, kisses and laughs they could share in a journey of a lifetime.

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