Sorry bad boys, but I like nice guys

MM Romance by DJ JamisonI’ve just released OPERATION MAKEOVER, which is definitely not a bad boy romance. In fact, it’s the ultimate nice guy romance: sweet, sexy, and fully embracing the warm and fuzzies!

Bad boys are a popular theme in romance, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t like the fantasy of the gorgeous tattooed biker or the troubled rock star? And at their core, they’re usually not truly “bad” boys, just misunderstood men.

I get it. Danger and mystery are sexy.

I’ve redeemed a few badly behaving characters myself. But I find myself returning again and again to the nice guys. The geeky but smart guys, the average working men, the guys who’ve had setbacks in pursuing their dreams or who have been underestimated by family or friends. The kind of guys I can imagine turning up in my own life.

Operation Makeover is the ultimate nice-guy romance. Ridley, cute but insecure, wants to up his game so he can catch the notice of his longtime best friend, who seems oblivious to Ridley’s crush. Cole, the hairdresser who helps him with his transformation, is desperately in need of a nice guy like Ridley.

Cole’s gorgeous, but with the kind of flair not just anyone will embrace. He’s been through one bad boy after the next, and he’s starting to agree with his good friend, Anita, that maybe he’s seeking them out somehow. Sending out vibes that tell these guys they can treat him like crap.

Getting involved with Ridley isn’t really healthy either. Even though he’s a nice guy, Ridley’s heart is set on someone else. But Cole being Cole, he puts himself on a course with disaster, pretending he can handle a friends with benefits situation when the spark between him and Ridley is no longer possible to ignore.

Both these characters are good at their core. Their nice guys who just want someone to recognize what they have to offer. And isn’t that what we all want? Someone who loves us for who we really are?

Plus, there’s tons of flirting, gratuitous dressing room scenes, stretchy maroon pants used to advantage, drunken texting, and sex in the name of “practice.” Who says nice guys can’t be sexy and fun, too?

Nice guys finish last … but only because they put their partners first. And that’s the ultimate love story in my opinion.


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