Ashe Sentinel Connections

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A cocky photographer clashes with his uptight editor, but when bullets fly while on assignment, his perspective shifts. Mac realizes he’s misjudged Jorge — and overlooked a sexy man in the process. It was practically hate at first sight for these two, but love is on its way — right after the bullets, drunken groping and poorly delivered apologies.

Source of Protection (#2)

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The only place Sgt. Rick Wilson seems to meet eligible men is at crime scenes. That generally doesn’t work out so well for him. Last time it happened, he was rejected by Ashe Sentinel staffer Jorge Ortiz. But when Rick finds himself with an armful of gorgeous murder suspect, he can’t help but be intrigued. When it turns out Will McCall may be more victim than criminal, he becomes determined to protect him despite the risks — to his career and to his heart.

Rewriting His Love Life (#3)

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Archer is tired of being the “boy next door” who gets dumped by his girlfriend and has an embarrassing crush on his boss. But when he researches the possibility of using a dating site while at work, he gets busted by his night editor — the very crush he’s trying to move past. Not only does night editor Jorge Ortiz love the idea of Archer trying out a dating site, he loves the idea of him writing about it for the paper even more. Despite his uneasiness, Archer agrees because he’s more than ready to meet his next love connection, girl or guy.

Winter Blom (#4)

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Andy Blom is an unpaid winter intern at The Ashe Sentinel, and right away he gets saddled with an “evergreen” – otherwise known as a boring feature that can run anytime over the holiday season. To his dismay, he’s assigned to write about a construction worker who creates metal art. The story wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s uneasy about meeting a macho guy who will no doubt find Andy just a little too … gay. Even if he is in the (fairly transparent) closet. But as it turns out, Lane Cross isn’t what he expects. In fact, Lane is a man of many contradictions, not the least of which is that a man like him could want Andy.

Hard Press (#5)

Hard Press by DJ JamisonBuy on Amazon

Julian has everything: good looks, flashy cars, a high-end condo. Until his girlfriend dumps him after a disastrous attempt to have a threesome. To top it off, he rear-ends a motorcycle and meets a pissed off biker who calls him on his shit. But there’s something about the man that hits his repressed buttons, and makes him want to finally pull his desires out into the light. But living up to the standards of an edgy but caring man proves a challenge.  Note: There is a spin-off book, Heart Trouble, that tells the story of Ben, a secondary character in Hard Press. It’s part of the Hearts and Health series.

Chance for Christmas (#6)

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Chance Rasmussen returns to Ashe, Kansas, eight years after his high school crush humiliated him with a sext that went viral. He’s low on holiday spirit with his personal ghost of Christmas past haunting him, but when his BFF asks him to attend a party as her fake date, he reluctantly agrees. The last person he expects to see there is Joe Stewart, the compassionate prosecutor he hero-worshipped during the lowest point of his life.