Social Hour

DJ Jamison, aka Davina Jamison, enjoys interacting with readers on social media. The feedback from readers is a big part of what keeps her going day after day. She shows her appreciation through handing out advance reader copies, offering sneak peeks at her work and doing the occasional giveaway.


DJ and Company: A readers group for fun updates, cover reveals, teasers and the occasional giveaway.

DJ Jamison:  An author page with updates about book releases, sales and other book-related news in the m/m genre.

Queer Romance Freebie Fan Club: A shared group with several established m/m romance authors including DJ offering up weekly giveaways.


@dj_jamison_ DJ remembers occasionally to tweet, and usually they’re #writerslife and #writerproblems tweets about her experiences and frustrations as a writer. Except on release weeks — then all bets are off, and you’ll have to put up with some promos.


NEWSLETTER: DJ sends out a newsletter approximately twice a month unless there is timely news such as a release or sale that merits sending an extra. She tries not to bug her followers too much, and offers a variety of bonus content, deals from other m/m authors and giveaway opportunities.

Book Bub

Follow DJ: You will receive emails about new releases, sales and more. Also, DJ posts recommendations of her favorite m/m books, so you can discover other authors to follow. Book Bub is a platform that allows you to receive emails about book bargains in the genres of your choice, as well as following your favorite authors.


Add DJ’s Books to your shelves: If you’re a user of Goodreads, you can find and rate DJ’s books to keep track of your reads and help spread the word to others.