7 Minutes in Heaven has never been so good!

Welcome back to Granville–home to hard-working neighbors, well-intentioned grannies who get into everyone’s business, and a ridiculous group of young friends all stumbling into love while playing silly party games!

In my newest release, 7 Minutes in Kevin, we have two men finding the courage to act only after an accidental run-in, thanks to a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven and a meddlesome friend. I’ve been teasing readers with Kevin’s seemingly hopeless crush on his friend’s dad throughout the series. Garrett, for his part, is intrigued but confused.

Until they crash together inside a closet and everything changes.

As with every book in this series, there’s quirky characters, small-town charm, plenty of steam, and a romance that’ll make you swoon!

You can expect:

Read 7 Minutes in Kevin is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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