All of DJ’s stories are standalones and can be read in any order. However, it may be more enjoyable if Games We Play is read before Rules We Break since the books are set in the same town with many overlapping characters.

Rom-Com Reboot Series

The Rom-Com Reboot series retells classic movies with a few new twists and a LOT more M/M romance!

Rules We Break Series

Return to Granville, Nebraska, a quirky small town where residents fall in love by breaking their own rules. Don’t Date a DILF, Don’t mess with the Ex, Don’t bang your step-bro … These small-town guys have all created rules to protect their hearts, but who can resist the pull of love, especially when it’s urged on by the sweet grannies who meddle in everyone’s lives?

This is a spin-off series from Games We Play, and you’ll see many of your favorite Granville characters from previous books!

Games We Play Series

Welcome to Granville, Nebraska, home to blue-collar, working-class people, well-intentioned grannies who get into everyone’s business, and a town with no real claim to fame…but which loves to celebrate itself with quirky festivals all the same! And of course, there’s the younger generation of friends, all stumbling over love in embarrassing ways while playing drunken party games. Darren is 70 percent to blame, with Calista taking 20 percent of the credit. Evan, Kevin, Truman and Lyle must absorb the other ten for being participants in what they *know* will be a train wreck.

But hey, all’s well that ends well, right?

Thrust Into Love Series

What happens when your app hookup turns out to be the last person you expect to meet, perhaps the least appropriate person in your life? You’re Thrust into Love! Join the men of Hayworth College as they find unexpected matches when their app hookups go awry…in all the very best ways!

Love Notes Series

Love Notes is a new adult MM romance series about college boys pining, the secrets of their hearts, and love notes. These are lighthearted, sweet, and swoony reads.

Marital Bliss Series

The Marital Bliss series is a contemporary M/M romance series that explores marriage tropes such as marriage contract, marriage pact, and fake engagement! 

Hearts & Health Series

Read about doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and emergency personnel finding their heart’s perfect match in the Hearts and Health series. The contemporary M/M romance series includes eight books. Its possible DJ will add on to the series further, but only time will tell!

Anti- Series

Real Estate Relations Series


Shopping Basket