Nobody's Groom

Colby likes everyoneexcept the new cowboy on the crew who rubs him the wrong way.

TJ is looking for a fresh start, not a young country boy who provokes him at every turn.

They’re both in for a rough awakening.

TJ is too gruff, too unfriendly, too… something. Something that gets under Colby’s skin. He doesn’t even realize how much until his body reacts, shocking them both. Colby’s never been with a man, but he can’t fight the desire TJ’s rough hands have awakened in him.

When tempers boil over into lust, TJ is happy to indulge Colby’s secret desires. So long as it stays physical. TJ knows better than to think he’s worthy of anyone’s heart. But Colby’s innocence softens something inside him, and he can’t deny he wants more.

TJ is nobody’s groom, but maybe he can give Colby everything else.

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