Mistle-Joe Kisses

Tis the season for Mistle-Joe kisses…

What happens when I step under the mistletoe with my co-worker at a holiday party? An idiotic, reckless mistake that could change everything.

Our sweet, chaste kiss quickly turns to fire. And when Joe offers himself up for the taking, I’m no longer strong enough to deny myself. At least, for one night.

It can’t go any further. I’ve been down that road before–and mixing business and pleasure cost me everything. But the craving for him only gets stronger once I know how good we can be together.

Joe is sweet and considerate, and judging by the friendly overtures, he’d like more. But how can I trust my heart when it’s led me astray before?

It’s going to take a holiday festival, a drunk Santa, and a romantic carriage ride to make me see my grinchy heart has space to grow–a space just for Joe.

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