Nobody's Groom by DJ jamison

The Marital Bliss novella you’ve been waiting on!

Nobody’s Groom, the long-awaited story about TJ and Colby, is here! Nobody’s Groom is a bonus story in the Marital Bliss series to provide an HEA for two characters who appeared on the Triple J Ranch in Wrangling a Groom. TJ and Colby weren’t intended for their own book, but they developed too much tension in Wrangling a Groom to ignore — and at 38,000 words, their story was just a little too long to be a bonus snippet.

Nobody’s Groom is a story of enemies to lovers, bisexual awakening, sexual exploration, and love in places you don’t expect to find it. Colby has to reassess his expectations for the future, and TJ has to find a way to feel worthy of love and happiness before these two can ride off into the sunset.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

You can find Nobody’s Groom on Amazon, also available in Kindle Unlimited, along with the rest of the series: Surprise Groom (book 1) and Wrangling a Groom (Book 2.) You might also enjoy Five Fake Dates, a novella set in the Marital Bliss universe (but without any ties to existing stories).

Five Fake Dates, MM novella by DJ Jamison

New book release: Adorable, heart-warming goodness!

With my newest book release, Five Fake Dates, I embrace the sweetness of two best friends falling in love. The book has been called “cute” and “adorable” and has been getting good comments from readers on social media.

It seems that my “cute” stories resonate with readers the most. I’ve written light, funny romance and sweet, cute romance, and even more serious, slightly angsty romance. Pretty much everything but dark romance. But it’s the cute stuff that really gets the most feedback. What do you think? What’s your favorite book by me, and which category would it fall into?

In Five Fake Dates, you meet West and Adam, two best friends who are also college roommates. You an expect:

  • Fake Dating Scheme
  • Bisexual awakening
  • Dates that go wrong
  • Kisses that go right!

You may have read Five Fake Dates in its original version, as I wrote it for a free giveaway. I have since expanded it to add more spiciness, a few new scenes, and a bonus epilogue with HEA. It’s now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.