5 Things I’m Excited About This Year!

1. I finally get to release Two Truths and a Lyle onto Amazon in ebook and paperback! This prequel story was available as part of a big promotion for a year, so it feels like I’ve been waiting forever haha. I love Truman and Lyle’s romance, so I didn’t change much, but I *did* add a steamy scene and a few other embellishments that I think enhance the original! (And, yes, my KoFI members will get a signed copy as part of their membership!)

Grab the series starter!

2. Tantor and I have agreed on a narrator to perform the Games We Play series! John Solo will be voicing the characters in Never Have I Evan, Truth or Darren, and 7 Minutes in Kevin. Recently, theu agreed to produce Two Truths and a Lyle as well!

3. I’m starting a new series this year called Rules We Break. It’s a spin-off from Games We Play, also set in Granville. I look forward to exploring a new set of friends, developing more aspects of my quirky Nebraska town, and providing more swoony romances for you all to enjoy! 

4. I’m organizing a multi-author Christmas series for next winter! It’ll be set in a small town that survives on holiday cheer, and I have some really great authors lined up to participate with me. If you love Granville, I’m sure you’re gonna love this setting too!

5. I’ll be publishing more books in French, Italian, and German! I recently self-published Sexted by Santa in German, and I’ve signed with Surrendered Press to translate the rest of the Thrust series and Games We Play. In Italian, I’ll soon be releasing the final Thrust book and then releasing the Love Notes series. And in French, the Marital Bliss series is under way. I love knowing my words are reaching so many more people. What an amazing thing! 

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Loves Notes bundled with bonus art!

I’ve boxed up the Love Notes ebooks–and the audios too! For those who haven’t read this series, the set includes Secret Admirer, Naughty & Nice, and Boyfriend Freeze–sweet and swoony romances about college boys pining and secrets of the heart!

As an added bonus, I’ve got character sketches for each couple in the ebook set. I’m super excited for you guys to see the artwork done by the artist who goes by Sheilkuroi on IG!

The box set includes a bonus short story as well, Going the Distance, focused on Jonas and Quinn reuniting at spring break with friends Ace and Benji after a long separation. This isn’t brand new content, but some of you may have missed it. And now it’s been narrated as part of the audio set, as well!

For a limited time, the Love Notes box set will be discounted to $5.99. It’s whispersynced, meaning you can add on the audio for just $7.47. Talk about a great deal for three books!




Kevin gets his man

7 Minutes in Heaven has never been so good!

Welcome back to Granville–home to hard-working neighbors, well-intentioned grannies who get into everyone’s business, and a ridiculous group of young friends all stumbling into love while playing silly party games!

In my newest release, 7 Minutes in Kevin, we have two men finding the courage to act only after an accidental run-in, thanks to a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven and a meddlesome friend. I’ve been teasing readers with Kevin’s seemingly hopeless crush on his friend’s dad throughout the series. Garrett, for his part, is intrigued but confused.

Until they crash together inside a closet and everything changes.

As with every book in this series, there’s quirky characters, small-town charm, plenty of steam, and a romance that’ll make you swoon!

You can expect:

  • Best Friend’s Dad 
  • A sassy femboy/drag baby
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven
  • Secret/Forbidden Love
  • Bisexual awakening
  • Small town charm
  • And a great HEA!

Read 7 Minutes in Kevin is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


One week until Truth or Darren releases!

The Games We Play series continues in one week! Truth Or Darren will continue the sweet and steamy romance series full of small-town humor and heart on August 11. If you haven’t yet tried the series, Book 1–Never Have I Evan–is on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now! A free prequel to the series, Two Truths and a Lyle, is available free as part of the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway on Prolific Works.

Get started now so you’ll be ready for the bad boy with a heart of gold that is Darren, his ex-girlfriend’s brother, and the dare that reveals new truths to Darren and sets them on their enemies-to-lovers  journey!

The Book Blurb:

Truth or…whoa, that’s not how this dare works!

What happens when my big mouth writes a check it can’t cash while taunting my ex’s brother in a game of Truth or Dare? I end up with his tongue in my mouth. In my very straight, totally uninterested mouth.

While I don’t feel anything.

Nothing at all.

In fact, I barely noticed.

So, why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Truth or Darren features a troublemaker with good intentions, a guy who’s none too impressed with his sister’s ex, and an animosity that flares hotter than either of them could ever imagine–but which the townspeople of Granville, Nebraska, are all too happy to speculate about.

Excerpt from Truth or Darren, releasing August 11:

“Shut up,” he growled.

“You going to make me?” I challenged.

“If I have to,” he gritted out.

“I’m shaking in my boots, Dare.” I laughed a little, even though my heart skittered at the expression on his face. “What are you gonna do, punch me? Strangle me? Oh, I know, maybe you could kiss me again. I bet you’re dying for an excuse.”

Darren was silent, his face grim as I goaded him.

There was something magnetic about him, something that made me want to pull him closer even when he had murder in his eyes.

Which I would deserve. Because who the hell lusted after their sister’s ex? It was so, so wrong.
Maybe if Darren hit me, I’d let go of this attraction I shouldn’t have. Maybe if he hit me, I’d forget that hot-as-fuck kiss we’d shared before.

I almost wanted him to. It’d be a relief, in a way.

So I continued to goad him.

I batted my eyes. “I wouldn’t be opposed, you know. You were a good kisser. A little sloppy, maybe, but…”

Darren raised his hands to throat level. Ah, shit. This was it. I was going to die by strangulation because I couldn’t shut the hell up.

He curled his hands into fists. Okay, beaten to a pulp, then. Fuck. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing for the pain. At least it’d make for a heck of a news story. Agatha might forgive me for fucking this all up if she got a crime-scene article instead.

The hit didn’t come.

After a few loaded seconds, I opened my eyes. “Uh, Darren, listen…”

Before I could articulate more than that, he struck.

With his mouth.

His mouth on mine. Kissing me. Again.

Order the full book on Amazon!

Readers of advance copies are saying:
“I absolutely LOVED this second book in the Games We Play Series. Readers get plenty of sweet and steamy times between Darren and Linc written with clever humor, snark, angst and a collection of very eccentric and memorable characters who populate the town. Highly recommend.”

“DJ Jamison left us with the ultimate tease at the end of “Never Have I Evan” and did not disappoint with “Truth or Darren“. I was hooked right from the start and was smart enough to wait until I had a day off to read this. I read it from start to finish in one day.”

Find more reviews on Book Bub


Fill up your TBR with new releases!

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for great new M/M romance books to read. Keeping tabs on your favorite authors through social media and newsletters is great, but sometimes you miss alerts or simply want to discover someone new. 

There’s where the monthly “new releases” promotion I’ve just launched comes in! I’ve invited other authors in the genre to join me in bringing you a selection of new M/M romances each month! With a click to one page, you can see a whole selection of that month’s new releases–both from your favorites and from new authors you might want to explore!

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive, all-encompassing listing. That would be nearly impossible for us and overwhelming for you. But it will give you a nice list of new offerings to check out each month.

We’re only getting started, but I hope to see this grow to include more authors each month!

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out April New Releases now!

You’ll find new books by EM Lndsey, Beth Bolden, Brigham Vaughn, Lane Hayes, Elle Keaton, and more! 


Series launch: New adult meets small-town charm! 

Series launch: New adult meets small-town charm! 

My newest series, Games We Play, has officially launched with the release of Never Have I Evan, the romance between a virginal tech geek and the more experienced but “straight” high school football coach. The book is full of cute social awkwardness, fun flirting lessons, sexy tutoring, and heartfelt love born of friendship and respect. 

The series is set in Granville, a small town in Nebraska, just down the road from Hayworth College, where two other series take place (Love Notes and Thrust Into Love). And, yes, there are cameos from characters in the other series. Simon and Parker of Matched By My Rival make an appearance, as does Linc Tate, a frat brother who’s present in most of the Thrust into Love stories.

Granville may not be totally unfamiliar to you, even though Never Have I Evan is technically Book 1 of the series. Two Truths and a Lyle, a free prequel novella available as part of the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend promotion on Prolific Works, was the first story set in the quirky town. 

In each book of Games We Play, a party game will help the love interests connect in some way. The series takes the college-aged characters and new adult themes of my Hayworth College series and sets them in a small town with colorful side characters, hilarious business names, close-knit friendships, and nosy grannies. It’s the best of both worlds–in my humble opinion! 

Never Have I Evan is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Two Truths and a Lyle is available only through Prolific Works for all of 2022


Have you explored Marital Bliss?

Have you explored Marital Bliss? The series, I mean, not actual marriage 😉

If you’re new to my writing, you might not have made it through all my series yet. If so, that’s good luck for you! You can grab the complete series in one set for a discount! 

Marital Bliss focuses on marriage tropes, and each couple in the series (with the exception of TJ and Colby in the novella) tie the knot on Bliss Island, off the coast of Maine. Caleb, the main character in Book 1 of the series, runs a wedding resort there.

Here’s a brief synopsis of each book =) 

Surprise GroomWhen Caleb learns his family could lose Bliss Island Resort unless he marries the a child of an investor, there’s only one way to beat the man at his own game: Propose to Louis Chastain’s estranged, go-go dancing son…
Approximately 90,000 words.

Wrangling A Groom: Wyatt has wanted to marry Diego since they made a childhood pact, but life got messy and Diego slipped away. When his first love returns to the ranch for a funeral, Wyatt is determined win him back and fulfill the promise that has never left his heart.
Approximately 85,000 words.

Nobody’s Groom: Colby likes everyone — except the new cowboy on the crew who rubs him the wrong way. TJ is looking for a fresh start, not a young country boy who provokes him at every turn. They’re both in for a rough awakening.
Approximately 38,000 words.

Faking A Groom: When Avery decides to call his father’s bluff and produce a fiance, his first love, Rory, is the perfect man for the job. But with a love that never fully faded, not everything is fake…
Approximately 100,000 words.


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Steamy rivals now available on audio!

Jaded ex-football star Simon Prentiss gets a heck of a surprise when his app match turns out to be the one guy he hates! But as lust and a burgeoning online friendship collide, will love overcome hostility?

Nick J. Russo does a fabulous job narrating this enemies-to-lovers college romance! Matched By My Rival is Book 2 of the Thrust into Love series. While it can standalone, Book 1–Swiped By My Dad’s Best Friend–is already on Audible, and Book 3, Tapped By My Roommate, is coming in March!

If you haven’t read Matched By My Rival, you can expect:

  • Jocks/rivals 
  • Enemies to Lovers 
  • Online Romance 
  • Bisexual Discovery
  • A sweetly satisfying HEA!

Parker and Simon are one of my very favorite couples, and reviewers seem to agree!

Here’s a few excerpts from reviews on Amazon:
“????? ??? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?????????…”

“?????-??????, ?????-????????, ????-????-?-?????? ????!”

“?????’? ? ???? ???? ??????? ???? ??? ????, ??? ???? ???????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???????….??’? ???????!”

You can find Matched By My Rival on Amazon and Audible! The audio is available at a discount if you own the book or download it via Kindle Unlimited!


Swipe this audio!

The audio for Swiped By My Dad’s Best Friend is live on Audible! It’s the first in the Thrust into Love series to be narrated by the talented Nick J Russo!

Russo has narrated for many well-known authors in the M/M romance genre, including L.A. Witt, Christina Lee, E. Davies, Amy Lane, Nicky James, and Riley Hart!

He nails Trace’s “Daddy” vibes, both his exasperation and fondness for Cooper. Likewise, his performance of a feisty but anxious frat boy in need of a guiding hand is superb.

Russo narrates the entire series. Matched By My Rival is on pre-order now for a February release! Tapped By My Roommate will go live in March.

All three books in the series are available to read on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

When a sexy older man swipes his profile on a hookup app, Cooper doesn’t realize it’s his dad’s best friend ?

? A frat boy who’s lost his way

? An older man who makes a perfect ‘Daddy’

? Father’s best friend

? App hookup gone awry

? Online romance with emotional journey

? Satisfying HEA!

Get the ebook, then Whispersync the audio for $7.49. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get the WS price after downloading the book!

Audible US: https://www.audible.com/pd/B09MZKZJKZ

Audible UK: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/B09MZK4CDR


I’ve been nominated!

I have been nominated in several categories for the Goodreads M/M Romance Best of 2021 awards, and I am so excited to be included! Unsurprisingly, readers find me memorable for my virgins and my sexual awakening/discovery themes. These are two of my favorite tropes to write. Give me an innocent, awkward guy stumbling his way into love any day. And the sexy, confident guy who realizes he didn’t know as much about himself and his sexuality as he thought? So much fun to write!

The Goodreads awards allow readers like you to decide the winners! Polls are open through January 10.

Go vote here!

Here are my books that are in the running:

Best Virgin for Tapped By My Roommate

Ethan Greene: Shy geek, newly bi-curious, and…propositioning his gay roommate?

I have a passion for a lot of things: wildlife biology, Godzilla, bowties…
But when it comes to people, I’m more timid.
Which is why I’m stuck with a toxic ex-girlfriend who’s holding my lizard hostage.

I need to face her–and save my dignity.
But a little backup won’t hurt, right?

My roommate is the perfect wingman.
Rhett is assertive and charismatic. The kind of guy people respect.
And when he meets my ex, he’s also the kind of guy to get protective.

I take comfort in his strength, even as I envy it.
But when he kisses me, things get awkward.

It could all end in heartbreak.
Unless I find the courage I’ve been seeking my whole life.
Can I be bold enough to ask Rhett Hayes to be mine?


Best Sexual Discovery for Matched By My Rival

Simon Prentiss: ex-football star, bitter rival, and…falling for the enemy?
I hate my teammate, Parker Reed.
I hate that he makes me work so hard for my position on the field.
Hate how he always smiles. How easily he shows me up when I’m injured.

Most of all, I hate that he made me lose my temper.

Next thing I know, football is gone.
My scholarship is gone.
I’m nearly gone, too.

At least without football, I can explore a new side to myself.
See where my attraction to guys takes me without fear of it affecting my future.

I didn’t see it coming. The cosmic joke.
The sweet, patient guy on the hookup app?
The one who makes me burn with the desire to have him?

Yeah, it’s Parker.


Best Family Drama for Naughty & Nice

Why can’t I forget your kiss…

Dear Quinn,
Why must I have these feelings for you? You’re my ex-stepbrother, and nothing will change that truth, no matter how many letters I write.

I never expected to see you again–or to rescue you from the side of the road in a blizzard. I didn’t think you would ever like me, much less kiss me in a steaming hot tub on a snowy night. It seems we make better lovers than brothers, which is all kinds of naughty and nice while we’re snowed in together.

But can this new intimacy last when the skies clear and my family finally arrives for the holidays, or are we just two guys in a mountain cabin with a great view of everything we want but can’t have?

Hopelessly yours,