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Loves Notes bundled with bonus art!

I’ve boxed up the Love Notes ebooks–and the audios too! For those who haven’t read this series, the set includes Secret Admirer, Naughty & Nice, and Boyfriend Freeze–sweet and swoony romances about college boys pining and secrets of the heart!

As an added bonus, I’ve got character sketches for each couple in the ebook set. I’m super excited for you guys to see the artwork done by the artist who goes by Sheilkuroi on IG!

The box set includes a bonus short story as well, Going the Distance, focused on Jonas and Quinn reuniting at spring break with friends Ace and Benji after a long separation. This isn’t brand new content, but some of you may have missed it. And now it’s been narrated as part of the audio set, as well!

For a limited time, the Love Notes box set will be discounted to $5.99. It’s whispersynced, meaning you can add on the audio for just $7.47. Talk about a great deal for three books!