5 Things I’m Excited About This Year!

1. I finally get to release Two Truths and a Lyle onto Amazon in ebook and paperback! This prequel story was available as part of a big promotion for a year, so it feels like I’ve been waiting forever haha. I love Truman and Lyle’s romance, so I didn’t change much, but I *did* add a steamy scene and a few other embellishments that I think enhance the original! (And, yes, my KoFI members will get a signed copy as part of their membership!)

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2. Tantor and I have agreed on a narrator to perform the Games We Play series! John Solo will be voicing the characters in Never Have I Evan, Truth or Darren, and 7 Minutes in Kevin. Recently, theu agreed to produce Two Truths and a Lyle as well!

3. I’m starting a new series this year called Rules We Break. It’s a spin-off from Games We Play, also set in Granville. I look forward to exploring a new set of friends, developing more aspects of my quirky Nebraska town, and providing more swoony romances for you all to enjoy! 

4. I’m organizing a multi-author Christmas series for next winter! It’ll be set in a small town that survives on holiday cheer, and I have some really great authors lined up to participate with me. If you love Granville, I’m sure you’re gonna love this setting too!

5. I’ll be publishing more books in French, Italian, and German! I recently self-published Sexted by Santa in German, and I’ve signed with Surrendered Press to translate the rest of the Thrust series and Games We Play. In Italian, I’ll soon be releasing the final Thrust book and then releasing the Love Notes series. And in French, the Marital Bliss series is under way. I love knowing my words are reaching so many more people. What an amazing thing! 


One week until Truth or Darren releases!

The Games We Play series continues in one week! Truth Or Darren will continue the sweet and steamy romance series full of small-town humor and heart on August 11. If you haven’t yet tried the series, Book 1–Never Have I Evan–is on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now! A free prequel to the series, Two Truths and a Lyle, is available free as part of the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway on Prolific Works.

Get started now so you’ll be ready for the bad boy with a heart of gold that is Darren, his ex-girlfriend’s brother, and the dare that reveals new truths to Darren and sets them on their enemies-to-lovers  journey!

The Book Blurb:

Truth or…whoa, that’s not how this dare works!

What happens when my big mouth writes a check it can’t cash while taunting my ex’s brother in a game of Truth or Dare? I end up with his tongue in my mouth. In my very straight, totally uninterested mouth.

While I don’t feel anything.

Nothing at all.

In fact, I barely noticed.

So, why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Truth or Darren features a troublemaker with good intentions, a guy who’s none too impressed with his sister’s ex, and an animosity that flares hotter than either of them could ever imagine–but which the townspeople of Granville, Nebraska, are all too happy to speculate about.

Excerpt from Truth or Darren, releasing August 11:

“Shut up,” he growled.

“You going to make me?” I challenged.

“If I have to,” he gritted out.

“I’m shaking in my boots, Dare.” I laughed a little, even though my heart skittered at the expression on his face. “What are you gonna do, punch me? Strangle me? Oh, I know, maybe you could kiss me again. I bet you’re dying for an excuse.”

Darren was silent, his face grim as I goaded him.

There was something magnetic about him, something that made me want to pull him closer even when he had murder in his eyes.

Which I would deserve. Because who the hell lusted after their sister’s ex? It was so, so wrong.
Maybe if Darren hit me, I’d let go of this attraction I shouldn’t have. Maybe if he hit me, I’d forget that hot-as-fuck kiss we’d shared before.

I almost wanted him to. It’d be a relief, in a way.

So I continued to goad him.

I batted my eyes. “I wouldn’t be opposed, you know. You were a good kisser. A little sloppy, maybe, but…”

Darren raised his hands to throat level. Ah, shit. This was it. I was going to die by strangulation because I couldn’t shut the hell up.

He curled his hands into fists. Okay, beaten to a pulp, then. Fuck. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing for the pain. At least it’d make for a heck of a news story. Agatha might forgive me for fucking this all up if she got a crime-scene article instead.

The hit didn’t come.

After a few loaded seconds, I opened my eyes. “Uh, Darren, listen…”

Before I could articulate more than that, he struck.

With his mouth.

His mouth on mine. Kissing me. Again.

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Readers of advance copies are saying:
“I absolutely LOVED this second book in the Games We Play Series. Readers get plenty of sweet and steamy times between Darren and Linc written with clever humor, snark, angst and a collection of very eccentric and memorable characters who populate the town. Highly recommend.”

“DJ Jamison left us with the ultimate tease at the end of “Never Have I Evan” and did not disappoint with “Truth or Darren“. I was hooked right from the start and was smart enough to wait until I had a day off to read this. I read it from start to finish in one day.”

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but you can’t be one of them…

Dear Graham,

After crossing too many lines for my self-respect, I made a promise to myself: no hookups for sixty days.

But I didn’t count on meeting you.

Who knew a smart, cardigan-wearing geek would be such temptation? You’re all wrong for me, except you’re also kind of exactly right.

So how do I keep my promise not to seduce the cute librarian and still get the perfect guy?

Maybe you know, because I don’t…

Already yours,


Tropes Teaser

Naughty or nice, I have a new release for you!

Naughty & Nice is a college romance with forbidden love and sweet holiday moments. Because why not?

It’s that time of year again, when an avalanche of holiday romance slides into the M/M genre–and how great is that? We could all use a little extra comfort in 2020, yes?

Naughty & Nice is my contribution to the holiday romance cheer, featuring Jonas of Secret Admirer and his former stepbrother, Quinn. Jonas comes off as a bit of player in Secret Admirer–but in this new romance you’ll see the depth of Jonas’s feelings for Quinn and his struggle with pining for someone he believes he can’t have.

A blizzard that snows him in at the family cabin with the guy he thought he’d never see again gives Jonas another shot at love with Quinn, but he’s afraid to trust it as more than a holiday fling.

As is usually par for the course, he has no idea how Quinn sees him: as gorgeous, smart, and confident. Quinn has had his struggles: from grief over the death of his father as a teen to dropping out of college and following the wrong guy across the country. Jonas looks like someone who has it all together, the golden boy with no problems.

I love pairing these two together and showing them how they can enrich and enhance one another’s lives! And of course, even though it’s a steamy college romance with a bit of fun stepbrother taboo, it’s a holiday story too. There are Christmas tree decorations, holiday movie binging, Christmas Eve traditions, and family gatherings to give you all the warmth you’ll need this year.

I hope you enjoy Jonas and Quinn as much as I do! I’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s naughty and who’s nice 😉

Enjoy the read–and I wish you all happy holidays in a highly unconventional season.



Why can’t I forget your kiss…

Dear Quinn,
Why must I have these feelings for you? You’re my ex-stepbrother, and nothing will change that truth, no matter how many letters I write.

I never expected to see you again–or to rescue you from the side of the road in a blizzard. I didn’t think you would ever like me, much less kiss me in a steaming hot tub on a snowy night. It seems we make better lovers than brothers, which is all kinds of naughty and nice while we’re snowed in together.

But can this new intimacy last when the skies clear and my family finally arrives for the holidays, or are we just two guys in a mountain cabin with a great view of everything we want but can’t have?
Hopelessly yours,

Secret (1)

Sneak Peek! Secret Admirer

Copyright 2020 DJ jamison

Author’s Note: This is an unedited look ahead of publishing. It’s possible there will be changes before the book is completed.


I flicked the movie tickets in my hand nervously, scanning the block up and down. Searching for any sign of my date.

My first college date. First date ever.

A ball of nerves slowly unraveled inside me. I wasn’t good at this kind of thing, even in the best circumstances — and these were clearly not the best circumstances. My date was late. Really late.

 In high school, I’d been relieved I was the only gay boy — at least who was out — because it meant no pressure. But I was trying to turn over a new leaf. Make a new start as the older, more sophisticated Ben. I wanted to leave timid Benji behind and become the vision my older brother had painted for me when he sold me on going to college: an artist finally spreading his wings.

Of course, Jeremy was supposed to be here teaching me to fly. He’d gotten into a fellowship program in Chicago — one too good to turn down to hold his baby brother’s hand. I hadn’t been angry, more terrified. I hadn’t wanted to continue after high school; Jeremy had been the one to convince me to enroll, and now he wasn’t here.

Just his best friend. His gorgeous, unattainable best friend.

Don’t think about Ace, think about Kaleb.

Kaleb, who was nowhere to be seen no matter how hard I stared at the trickle of people making their way to restaurants and bars. I was off-campus, but close enough that the streets were filled with twenty-somethings looking to hang out or hook up, or both. Maybe I should have suggested something more fun. Seeing a band, or even…meeting up in his room for the obvious. But I was embarrassingly inexperienced. Instead, I’d gone for the safe option: a movie.

Boring, right? So much for sophisticated Ben. I might have chosen an art exhibit instead, but we’d spent several afternoons working on art projects together. It felt a little been there, done that. Besides, I loved the historic theater. No, it was sophisticated. And it should have been perfect for a film major like Kaleb, but… maybe I was alone in that thinking because Kaleb still—wasn’t—here!

Behind me, a large marquee rose up, decked out with red letters. Inside, marble floors, velvety reupholstered chairs, and brass detail work set the historic theater apart from its more modern counterparts. It was beautiful, classy.


I checked my phone for the millionth time. No calls. No texts. My eyes skated over the texts I’d sent to him, going from calm and quizzical to just shy of frantic. Unable to write one more desperate message, I hit the call button instead.

It went straight to voicemail. I waited five minutes and tried again with the same result. Scanning over my texts, I realized only half of them showed the delivered tag.

Omfg! Did he block me?

I stared at my phone in betrayal. A dozen little clues began to coalesce. Kaleb’s flirty invitation for us to work on our art projects together. His frustration with the project, his worry about his grades, his indulgent smile when I helped him just a little too much.

I’d been played, hadn’t I? Of course I had.

I clenched the tickets so tightly they bent.

Why else would a cute guy like Kaleb ask me out? He was way out of my league. With floppy red hair and a freckled face a little too … freckly, I was hardly a prize.

I’d known, at some level, he might have asked me out as a thank-you of sorts. That he might not really be into me. But this was so much worse. He hadn’t planned a gratuitous date; he hadn’t planned any date at all.

I was so, so stupid.


And now my humiliation was complete.

Ace Baker, my brother’s impossibly perfect best friend, jogged up to me, wide smile on his handsome frat boy face. His dishwater hair, a nice normal color that didn’t make him stick out like a sore thumb, was stylishly ruffled up in the front. His hazel eyes, brown with gold and green flecks, reflected his uncomplicated happiness.

Of all the people to run into at this very moment …

My face heated, and I knew my skin wouldn’t hide my blush. I ducked my head, staring at our feet. Ace’s shoes were scuffed, his jeans hems frayed, but he made it look good. He could make anything look good.

“Going to a movie?”

I shrugged.

“No hoodie today,” he said, a teasing lilt entering his voice as he plucked at the the sleeve of my button-down. “Wait, are you dressed for a date?”

I couldn’t take it. I spun, walking fast down the block. He fell into step even as I hustled. Stupid short legs. He had a good three inches on me because I was tiny. I kept waiting for a growth spurt that was never coming.

“Hey, wait, what’s wrong?”

My fist tightened, crumpling the tickets. At this rate they were going to become nothing but a wad of sweat and disintegrating paper. Ace grabbed my right hand, uncurling it to reveal my shame. Two movie tickets for a film that started forty minutes ago.

I’d stood there all that time, like an idiot. I should have gone home, not waited and hoped like a dumbass.

Ace withdrew the tickets, reading the details. He glanced back at the theater. He didn’t ask the obvious.

“Let’s hit Ice House,” he said. I glanced up in surprise to see him shoving the tickets into his jeans pocket. “Guy trouble calls for ice cream.”

My throat tightened. I wanted to disappear, but there was no rejecting ice cream when I felt this low. Dark chocolate ice cream infused with caramel was imperative. “Okay.”

Ace slung his arm over my shoulders, pulling me against his side as we walked, and I almost lost it then. Crying on his shoulder would feel good. He’d be there, a steady presence, accepting whatever I poured out. Ace had always been good that way. I hadn’t seen him for three long years after he graduated high school with my brother, but when I’d shown up on campus, he’d picked up our old relationship, a weird mix of brotherly and friendly, as if there’d never been an interruption.

If he knew some of the things I used to think about him, he’d run screaming.

“Need me to kick his ass?” he asked.

I snorted. “No.”

“I totally would.”

“It’s okay. It was my fault.”

“Your fault how?”

“I never should have believed he really liked me,” I mumbled. “It was dumb of me.”

“Did he ask you out?” Ace demanded, pulling us to a stop.

“Yeah, but—”

He interrupted me. “Did he know the time and place?”


“Then he’s an asshat who didn’t show, and that’s not cool. But it’s his loss. You deserve better.”

I scoffed. “Whatever.”

“You do,” he insisted. “You’ve got a lot to of offer.”

Like pale skin and a skinny frame. Yeah, I was hot stuff.

“You’re Jeremy’s friend,” I said dismissively. “You have to say nice things. It doesn’t mean anything. My brother might as well have said it.”

Ace stepped close, his eyes intent on me. “Yeah, well, I’m not your brother. And I think you’re pretty cool. Smart, cute, and a hell of an artist.”

I gave an embarrassed chuckle and rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious.”

“Okay,” I said. “A-plus for effort.”


“Can we please just get ice cream?” I pleaded, gesturing to the parlor two doors down. “I need chocolate more than I need compliments.”

Ace’s smile sagged a little, causing guilt to niggle at me, but he nodded. “Sure, anything you want. My treat.”

Not anything. What I really wanted was for Ace to mean all of the sweet things he said. But as my brother’s straight friend, he’d never really see me that way. And yet, I could never not see him as the man of my dreams.

Even when I’d settled for a lesser version, it’d gone all wrong. College hadn’t been the magical new life I’d imagined. Turned out, wherever you went, your personality was sure to follow.


I frowned down at my unanswered texts. Benji was generally prompt about replying, as long as he wasn’t in class, but he’d ignored my messages all weekend. Probably depressed about the asshat who stood him up.

I really wished I knew who that guy was. I wouldn’t beat him up or anything, I’d just take a long look at him to try to figure out what Benji saw in him. And I’d make sure he knew he’d missed out on a great guy. Because Benji was great.

I’d always liked him as a kid, when he was stick-thin with a mile-wide smile.

He was still slender, though he’d filled out some with a cute little butt that he emphasized with skinny jeans. But the smile had been missing Friday night, and that was a damn shame. No one should dim that kid’s joy switch, because when he was happy, he was so bright he lit up the whole damn room.

“You stare at that phone any harder and the screen will crack.”

I jumped, startled by my co-worker’s voice. “Sorry,” I said, shoving it into my back pocket. “Just worried about a friend.”

She raised an eyebrow. “A friend or a friend? That was some intense worrying.”

“A friend,” I deadpanned.

Brenda had been trying to suss out my romantic interests for months now. I hadn’t set out to be mysterious, but I hadn’t dated anyone since I started working at All Occasions Boutique and Flower Shop. I also hadn’t responded to Brenda’s flirtations, or those of customers. I needed this job to pay my expenses, and I wasn’t about to risk it for a hookup. When the flirting failed to launch, Brenda pulled me aside to tell me she had a gay cousin who’d love a boyfriend like me.

I’d smiled politely, said I wasn’t looking to date anyone, and kept on working.

Brenda hadn’t pressed me or made any assumptions, but every now and then she tried to tease information out of me. It’d become a bit of a game. If she asked directly, I might tell her I’d always been straight, but she didn’t ask, and I didn’t tell.

Just as well, because even though I’d always dated girls, I wasn’t so sure that I always would.

Lately I’d been considering new possibilities …

The idea of Benji as more than a friend made a curious little flutter start up in my chest. I hadn’t lied to him Friday night, when I’d called him cute. Benji was adorable. But… not in a sexual way. I hadn’t really thought of him that way. But now that the thought popped into my head, my mind’s eye zoomed in on his mouth. I wondered, would a kiss with Benji really be so bad? Moot point. I couldn’t mess around with my best friend’s little bro, especially when I didn’t know what the hell I was feeling. I would never be that guy, especially with Benji.

“What’s got you worried about your friend, then?” Brenda asked.

I hesitated. “It’s just dating drama.”

When she nodded for me to continue, I spilled. Not like she knew Benji, so I wasn’t betraying his confidence.

“He got stood up for a date, and he seemed pretty hurt. He won’t tell me that, but I could tell, you know? Like, he’s always fairly modest, but he seemed to believe he deserved that kind of thing. And he really doesn’t. Plus, he hasn’t been texting me back all weekend.”

“He probably just needs time to mope.”

“Yeah.” I chewed my lip. Thing was, I didn’t want Benji to mope. I wanted to make it better. “I just wish I knew how to cheer him up.”

“Is he into girls?”

I didn’t see the harm in telling her. “He’s gay.”

“Too bad you’re not interested in him,” she said, a teasing tone to her voice. “Best way to get over someone is finding someone better.”

I smirked. “Nice try, but I don’t reveal my secrets that easily.”

She laughed. “Fine, but it’s true. Maybe you could set him up with someone?”

I hated that idea immediately. Set Benji up on a date? No. Who could I even find for him? I only knew a couple of guys on campus who were into men. I shared a class with Pete but didn’t really know him well enough to ask him. And Jonas, from the frat, was out of the question. Benji had met him, and they’d even seemed friendly, but Jonas was a major player. Last thing I needed was for Benji to get more hurt than he already was.

No. The idea of either of them with Benji felt all wrong.

Shaking my head, I said, “Guess I’ll think of something.”

“You could send him flowers,” she said. “I always love getting them. I don’t even care who they’re from. They just make me feel special.”

I didn’t know if Benji liked flowers, but it was an interesting idea. A gift of some kind to make him feel appreciated. It couldn’t come from me, though. I could still hear Benji’s words from Friday night. A-plus for effort. He hadn’t believed I was sincere. If I sent him a gift, he’d just blow it off as a pity prize.

I wanted to make him smile. Help him see that he was more than worthy of attention.

If he wouldn’t believe in me, maybe he’d believe in someone else.

An anonymous someone else, like a … secret admirer.

Secret Admirer is being finished now, with plans to release sometime in May or June.

Did you advance the advance look ahead?