Secret Admirer now on audio

Secret Admirer, a sweet brother’s best friend romance, is now available in audiobook format.

Darcy Stark narrates the story of Benji, a shy and insecure freshman who gets stood up for a date, and Ace, his brother’s best friend who feels protective of him. Ace wants to cheer Benji up, see him smile again, but he’s also harboring some confusing feelings about the cute redhead–which leads to a sweet romance of anonymous love notes and gifts.

Darcy Stark has a nice touch for sweeter-side romances, and he does a great job with new adult voices, so he was a perfect choice for this book.

Secret Admirer ranked in the Top 5 in the gay romance genre on Amazon and held the No. 1 spot for bisexual romance during its release month. The book plays with tropes such as brother’s best friend, secret love notes, frat boy/virgin, and bisexual awakening.

Get Secret Admirer on Audible.

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